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Please see below for kind words left by previous clients.

“I cannot over emphasise how important the support of a business mentor has been..

At each meeting with my mentor I am able to see how far I have come on a business level e.g. my sales have increased each month and on a personal level: my confidence is growing and growing in this new role. Being able to give feedback face to face with a friendly and highly knowledgeable person has been so important for me. On leaving the meetings I come away with lots of ideas in how to promote my business and feel inspired and motivated

I think that people setting up on their own for the first time definitely need this type of support.”

Louise Elkins 

“Jason’s information and advice was invaluable. He guided me through every aspect of the financial side of my business and 
encouraged me to be focused at all times. He made me think realistically about target setting and always stressed the value 
of being creative both with the products and the marketing. Jason set me small challenges that he felt would help further my understanding of social media. It did. His advice has been and continues to be invaluable. I can safely say that 
Jason has made a truly positive effect on my business. “

Stephen Dighton

“Jason is very honest with his responses and clearly knows his stuff!”

Sally Farmer

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