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  • Understanding Financial Planning
  • Effective Marketing
  • Starting Your Business Program

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Support Packages

Introductory Review                               Cost £75 (Approx 1 hour)


  • Great way to discuss ideas and discuss with someone who can give honest opinions and direction.

  • Good introduction to how ongoing support could help you

  • Inexpensive way to get ideas from someone who has been there


  • Due to only being a stand alone session, there is no ongoing support to help achieve the aims discussed

  • Can lose motivation due to no support helping to drive you towards the aims

Bronze Package                                      Cost £100 per/month

This gives up to 2 hours per month of support via email and phone after the initial review via Skype.


  • Cost effective way to have basic support

  • Good to have as back up support if needs are not as crucial or smaller project/development needs


  • Limited support so difficult to support larger projects or development needs


Silver Package                                           Cost £150 per/month

Up to 3 hours per month via email, phone, and Skype.


  • More in-depth support allowing for greater input

  • Allows for closer working relationship


  • Although this gives more support it can still be limited when greater needs are needed


Gold Package                                               Cost £250 per/month

Flexible mentoring/Coaching support, combining face-to-face, Skype, email and phone.


  • All round flexible support which allows 24/7 support when needed
  • Can be tailored month to month to suit ongoing development needs
  • Regular sessions to suit business and personal development needs


If having someone driving you to achieve your goals then that could be a con, other than this there are none.

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