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Coaching & Mentoring

In all situations, we use methods to support the business and individual. These are known as Mentoring or Coaching. These are slightly different techniques, which allow us to offer different results dependent on the personal and business needs. Below is a brief description of the benefits of each method and the programmes we offer to support individuals.

What is mentoring?

Finding the right mentor can make or break your business…. It really is that important! A good mentor should be your critical friend, always on hand to listen to your concerns and troubles (Business and personal if needed!!), ready with considered advice and someone you can trust, to be honest with you. You will benefit from their experience and support, both professionally and personally. When you are struggling to cope with the lack of rest, the isolation and the rejection that comes with starting your own business, a mentor will be on hand to guide you and keep you motivated.

What is Coaching?

The aim of business coaching is to help you develop successfully in the way that you want. Business coaching can teach the skills needed to grow your business, the ability to raise targets and focus time and attention on what matters

They will support you all the way in improving the way you manage and grow the business. Coaching allows us to be more involved and not just an advisor but also if needed doing with you too. This can be a great way of improving your confidence in areas of business you may struggle with.

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